Day 1. Friday 17 May

Day 2. Saturday 18 May

10:00-10:20Prof. Dr. Elena Dzikova (RN Macedonia)
Artificial intelligence in gynecology and obstetrics
10:20-10:40Achilleas Papatheodorou, Ph.D, (Greece) 
AI in IVF: Current and future applications in the field of ART
10:40-11:00Eda Vrtačnik Bokal (Slovenia)
Fertility preservation in oncological patients
11:00-11:30Symposium Varus 
Prof. Dr Goran Dimitrov
Colopfix – Treatmant of genital HPV infection
11:30-12:00Symposium NOW  
Doc.Dr. Vesna Livrinova (RN Macedonia)
12:00-12:30Coffee break
12:30-12:50Prof. Dr. Tamer Erel (Turkey)
Climacteric women’s health
12:50-13:10Michalis Kiriakidis, MD, (Greece)
Low Ovarian Reserve: Puzzling Problem and a Viable Solution
13:30-14:00Symposium 4UFarma
Prof.Dr. Ratko Matijevic Suplementi vo bremenost/
Prof. Dr.Gligor Tofoski Preporaki za suplementacija vo bremenost
15:00-15:30Dr. Dimitrios V. Nikolaidis (Greece)
Creating Excellence in HEALTH Service: Respecting our patients, Re-shaping the Society
15:30-16:00Symposium EL Pharma 
Dr. Tanja Gurzanova
Individual approach during in vitro procedure for every woman – clinical experiences
16:00-16:30Coffee break with ElPharma
16:30-16:50Prof. Dr Goran Dimitrov (RN Macedonia)
HPV vaccines – past, present and future
16:50 – 17:10Assist. prof. Nina Jancar. (Slovenia)
HPV vaccination in Slovenia and Europe
17:10- 17:30Nicholas Christoforidis, MD (Greece)
Environmental Impact on Reproductive Health:
Current aspects of a rapidly growing situation
17:30-17:50Prof. Dr. Jean Calleja Aguis (Malta)
Space Travel and Female Reproductive Issues  
21:00-00:00Official Conference Party
Disco Club Musandra (GTC) – Vera Jankovic

Day 3. Sunday 19 May 2024