We are honored to inform you that in May – dedicated to the women’s health week from May 17 to 19 at the Double Tree Hilton, Skopje will be held three-day conference.

This conference is registered in Macedonian Medical Chamber and Macedonian Medical Association with international participation.

This annual conference will be registered and accredited by the Macedonian medical association and the Medical Chamber of the Republic of North Macedonia with 11 points as for an international conference (congress).

Day 1. Friday 17 May

17:00 -18:00Registration for the conference and coffee
18:00 -18:30Opening of the Conference – Welcome speech
Dr. Ilir Demiri, Minister of Health of RN Macedonia
Dr. Afrodita Shalja, Head of office, UNFPA North Macedonia 
Prof. D-r Goran Dimitrov, President of Macedonian Medical Association
Prof. d-r Gligor Tofoski, President of Macedonian Association of Gynecologists and Obstetricians
18:30-19:00Prof. Dr. Mats Brännström (Sweden) Development of uterine transplantation
19:00-19:20Prof. Dr. Ratko Matijevic (Croatia) – Vaccination in pregnancy
19:20-19:40Prof. Dr. Frank Louwen (Germany) Obesity in pregnancy/Stem cells in obesity
19:40-20:00Symposium Vita Bim
With attending on this symposium you will receive disco tickets for the party on 18th May in Musandra
20:00Cocktail party with Macedonian pianist Ema Ananievska

Day 2. Saturday 18 May

10:00-10:20Prof. Dr. Elena Dzikova (RN Macedonia)
Artificial intelligence in gynecology and obstetrics
10:20-10:40Achilleas Papatheodorou, Ph.D, (Greece) 
AI in IVF: Current and future applications in the field of ART
10:40-11:00Eda Vrtačnik Bokal (Slovenia)
Fertility preservation in oncological patients
11:00-11:30Symposium Varus 
Prof. Dr Goran Dimitrov
11:30-12:00Symposium NOW  
Doc.Dr. Vesna Livrinova (RN Macedonia)
12:00-12:30Coffee break
12:30-12:50Prof. Dr. Tamer Erel (Turkey)
Climacteric women’s health
12:50-13:10Michalis Kiriakidis, MD, (Greece)
Low Ovarian Reserve: Puzzling Problem and a Viable Solution
13:30-14:00Symposium 4UFarma
Prof. Dr.Gligor Tofoski/Prof.Dr. Ratko Matijevic
15:00-15:30Dr. Dimitrios V. Nikolaidis (Greece)
Creating Excellence in HEALTH Service: Respecting our patients, Re-shaping the Society
15:30-16:00Symposium EL Pharma 
Dr. Tanja Gurzanova
16:00-16:30Coffee break with ElPharma
16:30-16:50Prof. Dr Goran Dimitrov (RN Macedonia)
HPV vaccines – past, present and future
16:50 – 17:10Assist. prof. Nina Jancar. (Slovenia)
HPV vaccination in Slovenia and Europe
17:10- 17:30Nicholas Christoforidis, MD (Greece)
Environmental Impact on Reproductive Health:
Current aspects of a rapidly growing situation
17:30-17:50Prof. Dr. Jean Calleja Aguis (Malta)
Space Travel and Female Reproductive Issues  
21:00-00:00Official Conference Party
Disco Club Musandra (GTC) – Back to Back Dragan B. Kostic and Vera Jankovic

Day 3. Sunday 19 May 2024

10:00-11:00Selected oral presentation of best abstracts

Aleksandra Atanasova Boshku
Obesity and insulin resistance contribute more to increasing the ApoB/ApoA1 ratio than hyperandrogenism in women with PCOS

Natasa Ilieva
Fertility preservation of women with endometrial cancer with medroxyprogesterone acetate – a case series

Ana Spirkovska
Secondary infertility 

Ana Marija Kuvendzieva 
The role of stem cells in gynecology 
11:00-11:20Prof. Dr. Elizabeta Zisovska (RN Macedonia)
Why do we need the neonatologist? Rapid development of neonatal practice
11:20-11:40Prof. Dr. Jean Calleja Aguis (Malta)
Space Travel and Female Reproductive Issues  
11:40-12:00Dr. MladenRisteski (RN Macedonia)
The female Мicrobiome as a factor in the reproductive health
12:00-12:20Coffee break
12:20 – 13:20Workshop – Non contraceptive use of contraceptives
Ass. d-r Iskra Krstevska
d-r Kostadinka Gjurovska
13:20 – 13:40Presentation of Standard Operative procedure – Gender Based and Sexual Violence Centers
13:40 – 14:00Presentation on updated guideline on medical abortion
d-r Georgi Kostadinov
K14.00 – 15.00Panel session- Update on guideline on cervical cancer screening


Specialists members of MAGO– 60 EUR + VAT

Specialists non-members of MAGO – 90 EUR + VAT

Residents members of MAGO- 40 EUR
Residents non-members of MAGO- 70 EUR + VAT




Contact person for accommodation:
Irena Zmajshek Stojanovska

gsm +389 70370795
Net-Bay, str. Dame Gruev 2, Skopje
tel+389 2 3216422 ; fax+389 2 3216469